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Using this page is similar to opening file drawers in office or library filing cabinets.  There are links will take you to digital cabinets, drawers, folders, and files.  At this stage of the archiving process, materials are only loosely organized.  The cabinets, drawers, and files will be more accurately and finely organized in the future.  But for now, poke around and discover more about our Irish, Scottish, German, and Polish ancestors and family history.  Find birth, marriage, death, census records and photos.  Key words are used in the names of folders and filed to give you a general direction in navigating through the archives.  If you find a slash / after a name, that indicates there are more subfolders or files within that link.  There are thousands of files in these archives.  Have fun exploring.


Burton Collection Images (Detroit Library):

Cemetery Photos:
(Coleman, Paterson, Steil, Lukaschewski)

Descendant Reports (1700s to Present):
(Coleman, Paterson, Hope, Steil, Lukaschewski)

Interview of Clarice and Bob Coleman:

Scans of Photos at the Home of Clarice and Bob:
(including Murray's Aunt Jenny and his half-sister Ruth)

Comments from Relatives:

Detroit Library Articles:

DNA - General Information:

Grandma Finney (Margaret Paterson):
An Essay by Great Granddaughter Sarah Basler

History and Images:
(Surnames, Germany, Scotland)

Hope Family History:
(Ancestors of Fanny Hope - Maternal Grandmother of Murray)

Images - More:
(Coleman Coat of Arms, Family Crest, and Misc. Images)

Kay's Ancestors:

Kay's Grandparents:

Lukaschewshi Family History:

Miscellaneous Files:
(Basler, Coleman, Hope, Lukaschewski, Steil, Westfall)

Miscellaneous Records from 1785 to 1993:

Murray's Ancestors:

Murray and Kay Wedding Photos:

Old Photos of Detroit (1863 to 1930s):

Old Family Photos:

Paterson Files - 1778 to 1902:

Reunion Photos of Samuel Branch in 2010:

Steil Family History:

Tree Outlines:
(Basler, Coleman, Steil, Hope, Lukaschewski, Paterson)

Westfall Ancestors:
(Ancestors and relatives of Roy Coleman's mother Sarah)